The couple had sex for four years with … the wrong way!

The two young people they fell in love. Despite the initial objections of their families, love "blessed" with the ties of marriage. The next step was their love to bear fruit. That is one child.

Efforts started on the very first day. Four years later the couple stayed … a couple and the fruit of their love had not produced any offspring! Because they were healthy, they looked for the causes of … failure. Why is their marriage not "blessed" with a child?

The revelation fell like … a thunderbolt in the air for themselves and their relatives. Although the young couple made great efforts, she did not become pregnant because she had had sex for the past four years … in the wrong way!

This incredible story took place in China. A 22-year-old and a 20-year-old were accompanied by their wedding vouchers. They have sex every day for almost four years, but … coal is the treasure. The child did not come. They then approached gynecologist Liu Hongmei to investigate and see if there was a problem. The tests submitted earlier showed that both were impeccable in their health.

The 26-year-old and his 24-year-old husband have been examined by the doctor. Then everything was revealed. The girl complained to the gynecologist that sexual intercourse was often painful for her. The doctor examined the 26-year-old molecule and found it to be of a normal size, which did not justify the pain described by the expectant mother, who was very anxious because of the pressure the two families had on her for a grandchild.

When Liu examined the girl, she found something completely unexpected. The 24-year-old, though … having sex for four years, was … virgin! As revealed, the young couple had sex with … the wrong way, with the help of the anus and not the vagina for penetration!

The doctor had the medicine ready. He gave the couple a guide … sex education to "learn" how to do normal sexual intercourse, so that the four years do not … five!

The … recipe has passed and a few months later with … normal erotic contact, the 24-year-old became pregnant. The couple, to express their gratitude to the doctor, sent him a basket of 100 fresh eggs, symbolizing reproduction in the Chinese tradition.


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