The Dutchman put down his native country and disappeared

Rethymnon: a Dutchman has stabbed his native country and has disappeared

With hand injuries and a hand, a Dutch man, who was stabbed in his homeland, was recited in the Rethymno hospital.

The bloody event took place on Monday afternoon in the coastal area of ​​Agia Galini.

According to the first figures, the two Dutchmen were in a cafeteria in the area and there were conversations in the spirits, so they took the knife and injured the other.

There are unknown reasons why they were caught and whether they were friends.

Indirect witnesses of the incident came in the middle and split them, and most probably both were under the influence of drunkenness.

The moment he ran an ambulance to transport the wounded, the actor fled to search for him together with the police.

The health of the man is not important.


Last updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 00:55

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