The end of the memoranda "invites" a progressive involvement

"A milestone is the end of the memorandum and the committee. The new moment is an" open spot ", an opportunity for the country and not only for the government, with positive and potential, but also big challenges," said the deputy. Government, Economics and Development Minister Giannis Dragasagis in the "Journal of the Editors".

He added, among other things: "We must take this opportunity to heal the wounds of the crisis and the trauma of long-term savings, to end the pathogens of the past and to launch the most important transformations that protect society from future developments. crises ".

"The end of the memoranda is also a new starting point for a major social alliance, for progressive involvement, to close the way to extreme right and conservative restoration, for the major changes needed in Greece and Europe, Dragasakis.

Source: RES-EAP

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