The Ithaca metropolis launches a search for sad bubbles upon arrival in Tsipra

An investigation is being carried out by the metropolis Lefkada and Ithaca for the sad bells at the arrival of the Prime Minister on the island of Ithaca.

According to the announcement of the capital of Lefkada and Ithaca, the competent ecclesiastical authorities have begun an investigation to find out who or who were the ones who beat the bells that mourned the arrival of Mr. Alexis Tsipras. Specifically in the bishopric communication state:

"We were surprised to hear the unfortunate event of the mournful bell tower in the churches of Ithaca, which took place during the visit of the Excellency President of the Greek government, Mr. Alexios Tsipras to the island.

This initiative was not in the knowledge of the Sacred Metropolis, let alone the blessing and permission of His Eminence Metropolitan Lefkados and Ithakis Theophilos, who gives the institutional role and person of the prime minister the necessary honor and this kind condemns actions, each of which of the chosen people is recognized as "all values ​​of honor".

On this occasion, the planned ecclesiastical process has already been set in motion, "the Metropolitan reported

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