The Kontonis invoice for the tribulation of the Court of First Instance in Athens is withdrawn

He is already withdrawing the bill in the House to vote and takes the order of his predecessor, Stavros Kontonis, before the tribunal of the Court of First Instance in Athens, the new Minister of Justice Michalis Kalogirou.

According to information, the new minister sent a letter yesterday to the President of the House, Nikos Voutsis, informing him that he is withdrawing the bill to study this provision.

This provision had caused a storm of reaction from the Athenian lawyers, Constable, from the day he announced in early June his intention to divide the country's largest prosecutor into three (Evelpidon, East and West Attica).

Indeed, lawyers have held a referendum which, in the main, has contradicted the tribunal of the Court of First Instance.

The bill repealed and includes this provision concerns the ratification of a directive to reduce the conviction of suspects whose presumption of innocence is affected by statements from government officials.

Mihalis Kalogirou will have a series of ceremonial encounters with the leadership of the highest courts of the country, the heads of the Athenian persecution and the courts of appeal (prosecutors and appeals) and contacts with the presidents of the bars and the representatives of the judicial unions .

Yesterday he had already met with the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Xeni Dimitriou, and with the president of the Athenian Bar, Dimitris Vervesos, and in the coming days he will have a meeting with the president of the Supreme Court, Vaspa Peppa, the President of the Court of Auditors, Androniki Theotokatou, as well as with the President of the Council of State, Athanasios Rantos.

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