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It is estimated that the package of economic measures will also be a crucial parameter for ANEL & # 39; s stay in the government until the Prespa agreement enters into force in March, because Mr P. Kammenos wants to reap all political benefits.

His last political & # 39; papers & # 39; are about to play Prime Minister Al. Tsipras to achieve the partial reversal of the political climate, since the country has entered an informal election period and the time for the appeal to the ballot box now counts the opposite.

As far as the core is concerned, Mr Tsipras invests in ensuring that pensions are not cut back and financially supported by specific parts of the electorate, through the distribution of the social dividend of 2018, estimated at around € 700 million, according to government sources. The abolition of the pension measure will not be "tacit" by not being included in the 2019 budget – whether or not included in the forthcoming draft – but in a "festive" way, namely by submitting a provision and voting for the annulment of the existing law by the House. Reversing the benchmark for austerity through legislative initiatives is in fact one-way traffic, because otherwise the existing law should be applied. It is clear, however, that it will be fully exploited by the government as proof that the country has actually emerged from the constellation of the memoranda, while the opposition parties will be "oppressed" because they must be de facto positively placed on the annulment. .

At the same time, in the run-up to the forthcoming elections, the government will continue to implement the measures announced by the TIF's move to pay back retrospectives to Estonians, academics, NHS doctors and judges, to reduce contributions to freelancers and to pay the rent allowance to 300,000 beneficiaries. As is usually said, "the goal is that citizens see money in their hands." And this will be in the first months of 2019, a development that strengthens in particular the triple ballot scenario – the elected, national and local elections – next May.

As mentioned above, the decision of the Maximos building for a legislative abolition of pension cuttings is taken, regardless of whether it is rooted in the "tolerance" of the partners or that it is a unilateral government decision. The government knows that it does not wear the cutbacks & # 39; & # 39 ;, and this has already been done in all directions. For some information, apart from the well-known arguments, that the cuts are not necessary in the light of the targets for surpluses and the course of the EMFF, nor a structural measure, Athens also mentions an additional argument: that a budget with cutbacks does not To be voted by the Greek Parliament and if the government is deposed, the Prespa agreement on the FYROM nomenclature will be "up in the air", as Mr Mitsotakis has made it clear on all sides to ratify as prime minister.

The government's insistence on canceling the pension measure, even though there are, in all likelihood, reactions from a part of the Eurogroup next December, is a "risky" move for the position of the country on the markets, such as the messages that were broadcast by Moody & # 39; s last week.

At the same time Mr Tsipras is also investing, as mentioned above, in the distribution of a social dividend of around 700 million euros. According to the information, the beneficiaries will be the same as last year, ie the weaker strata. It is recalled that last year, as announced by the Prime Minister, beneficiaries reached 3.4 million citizens who received special financial assistance on the basis of income, property and family circumstances. The set income criteria were for single households with an income level of up to € 9,000 and several people up to € 18,000.

Finally, the "package" of the pre-election of the Maximos building includes the already announced:

• Return, in December, from retrospectives to academics, adolescents and NHS doctors.

• Reduction in January of the contributions to categories of self-employed, whose election behavior is considered crucial for shaping the general political climate.

• Providing a rent allowance, which is regarded by the government as a critical intervention, in the sense that for the first time a housing policy is introduced by the state.

The above package is also expected to be a crucial parameter for ANEL & # 39; s stay in the government until the Prespa agreement comes into force in March, because Mr. P. Kammenos wants to reap all political benefits that come from the government. package benefits.

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