The "magic" tree of desires in Antipaxos (photo & # 39; s)

It may not yet have the reputation of the Trevi Fountain, but in recent years it has attracted hundreds of tourists visiting the idyllic beach of Vrika in Antipaxos to touch the "magical" tree of wishes and their own wishes To write

"The well-known tree of wishes is a beautiful everlasting fir tree with its branches touching the fine white sand of the small emerald green creek of Vrikas", he told the Athenian news agency the antidote George Lichnos.

As mentioned in the REA-MPO doc. Lazy, the tree has a unique magic that leads tourists to touch it or to make pictures of it, or to write their wishes in white pebbles and bottles and leave them on the roots and branches

"Every year the huge trunk of the tree covers almost all" stone wishes ", while the branches hang ribbons or small glass bottles with messages on the paper, it is definitely a new time that goes beyond the technology, "says Lichnos

" The "tree of desires" is a bizarre fairy tale that spreads its branches to everyone and hides thousands of secrets in its heart, it will whisper "

For his part, Mr. Spyros, born pig of them Antipaxon, it will be made known to ANA-MPA that the "tree of wishes" or "thank you" as they say when the inhabitants of the area always had their own magic, and there the village girls went away to reveal who they loved or to find true love

Va Today the area only lives in the summer months when the place was abandoned before many years of its inhabitants. But the reputation of the magic tree remains. Every summer they come to Vrika, to the smallest and most famous bay of Antipaxos, with fine limestone sand and turquoise waters, hundreds of tourists who are transported by Paxos with small boats and boats, or with huge yachts, not only to enjoy paradise but to leave their wishes in the tree of wishes that they will travel with the white pebbles to the deep blue sea in the winter and there they will meet the good fairies and the mermaids who will fulfill every wish

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