The Ministry of Labor responds to ND for kindergartens

"The government continues to work on supporting families and on the universal broadening of the right to access crèches / kindergartens," notes the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity.

In particular, the Department of Labor in an issued statement, notes that "ND, assisted by his friendly media, in his desirable tactics, is trying to distort reality, this time, in relation to the number of children in crèches. / kindergartens is placed ".

"ND does not want to remember that 2014 as a government covered only 80,000 children in crèches," said the Ministry of Labor, but stressed that the current government has increased the number of free children covered by 50% in three years. "So, in 2017, 120,000 children entered free crèches," he says.

According to the Department of Labor, "ND's hypocritical interest in social policy can not convince anyone, much more when she only gave vouchers to working mothers, while the SYRIZA government first issued a voucher to unemployed and poor mothers as of 2016 and from this year onwards, she is obliged to apply two-year pre-school education to 184 municipalities for four-year-olds.

ND conceals that the voucher procedure is uniform and is divided into two phases, one in July and one in September. So before the second phase was implemented, he rushed to talk about "the false promise of a government." and for thousands of children leaving kindergarten & # 39 ;, the Ministry of Labor notes.

At the same time, it underlines that the government for the period 2018-2019, "like last year, in the second phase of the process will treat a voucher with all children whose mother has an approved file and explains a vacancy at a daycare."

"Finally, we remember that the Ministry of Labor is legally financing the establishment of 400 new day care centers by 2018, covering 10,000 extra children," said the Ministry of Labor.

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