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The protest of the National Federation of the Blind has aroused aversion of Democratic Compatriot MP Leonidas Grigorakos on a TV show that he described as Maritime Minister Panagiotis Kouroupli "not authorized for an on-site inspection" with regard to "because it is" blind " .

In a statement, the Federation speaks of "mentalities that do not accept diversity as part of human diversity" and "regrettable and racist phraseology" by a member who thinks that "a highly respected fellow citizen is not because of his inability to perform his duties fully and accurately. ", although, as noted, visits by ministers on the spot" are not done to clarify the causes of accidents, but to coordinate all the work. "

In particular, as reported by the Athens News Agency, the National Blind Association declares that Democratic Compatriot MP Leonidas Grigorakos during a TV broadcast of SKAI "as part of a more general critique of government policy, (including crime that is not affected by the atypical behavior of the Attica Ria of Diros in the Attica region) (regardless of whether the local authorities A and B are not accountable to the government) and, finally, the government describes as "abnormal" and "decadent" criticism of the fact that during the accident last autumn in the Saronic Gulf with extensive oil pollution, the competent Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Panayiotis Kourouplis, was sent for an on-site inspection is blind.In the context of the "irregularity" of this government we include the ministry of a respected, full-fledged citizen who, in the opinion of the aforementioned member, due to his disability is not complete and can accurately fulfill his tasks ".

"But we all know that ministers' visits on the spot do not have to do with explaining the causes of accidents, but with the coordination of all the work, which is mainly carried out by special technocrats and employees of the relevant Ministry on case. every disability of the Minister involved did not detract from the direct assessment of the incident, its extent and its causes, nor did it in any way delay the actions required for coastal pollution and the subsequent return to coastal municipalities and citizens in an exceptional situation.

"Such attitudes, which do not accept diversity as part of human diversity and do not fit in the supposed regularity, are reprehensible and belong to people with outdated and dangerous perceptions, which both society and the journalistic world owe to marginalization." federation.

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