The ND responds to PAPPER: it is a senseless attempt to explain what evaluation means POLICY

"In the new unpaid ERT that the New Democracy is determined to restore, there will obviously be no place for all Kalfayiannides and SYRIZA & # 39; s contractual festive gaulauters." the ND said in a statement on the occasion of the announcement by POSTERT.

"Citizens demand a public television plural and New Democracy is committed to enjoying it at a much lower cost," said the ND in a statement on the occasion of the POPPERT announcement, "she added.

According to the opposition news agency, ND is not surprised by the new simultaneous announcement by POSERT. As noted in the announcement, the Public Broadcasting Board does not even seem to be bothered by the regrettable announcements issued by a trade union crack that treats ERT as its celebrity and even does not hide it.

"It is a futile attempt to explain what evaluation means in today's SPORTS, which is all the more impartial in news and news broadcasts," says ND.

It should be noted that, as earlier was the announcement of POSTERT against ND, in which the association spoke of "a barbarity that he and Samaras applied in society, starting with the resignation of 150,000 workers of the narrow and wider public sector, without the 2,900 unlawful ERT redundancies that have not undergone any assessment except for the Samara & # 39; s ("they were all left-wing players") ".

Announcement of Pocpert:

"K. Mitsotakis" what if you dragged thirteen, if your mind does not drag you? "Again the heads of extreme right NW with his latest announcement about ERT have brought to our attention what is meant by neoliberal barbarism.

A barbarity that he and Samaras applied to society as a whole, with the beginning of the dismissal of 150,000 & # 39; evaluated & # 39; employees of the narrow and broader public sector, without counting the 2,900 illegally dismissed ERTs that have not undergone any other assessment than that of Samaras ("they were all leftists").

This resumption of his standing counterparts took place following the visit of the representatives of a small section of workers to ERT and known of the past for their projects, their actions and their willingness to support black coupons in creating the structures of the SF and NERIT, which characterized them as "unbeatable" and … pluralistic !!!

An announcement that was occasionally sprinkled with the well-known poisonous "sugar" of the false and misleading Mitsotakian speech.

Although he maintains his steady position to reduce the premium (half of what he has recently declared), K. Mitsotakis, according to the announcement by ND "… he repeated his commitment that, as in the broader public sector, so in ERT there will be no redundancies, but there will be full transparency, evaluation and meritocracy in the use of employees. "

As I said, everyone knows what Mitsotakis meant in the recent past as an "evaluation", but there is also the interview he gave to radio stations in Thessaloniki 90 days ago, in which he clearly stated that we need to know the ERT we know forgotten and how "… The compensation for ERT is halved and adjusted to this budget, so if it means working with fewer staff, it works with less staff …"

PAPPERT, as the most important representative of the vast majority of workers and the pillar of the fight against black, repeatedly replied to the extreme right Mr. Mitsotakis, defeated his arguments in a duly substantiated manner and in particular with regard to the contribution, the height and its use has addressed him public questions to which he obviously does not answer.

Let Mitsotakis, his right-hand guide and his admirers of the fundamentals of syndicalism, who do everything every time to "catch up", that ERT employees are not sheep for mowing and slaughtering, but democratic citizens, such as they have proven in the past, how to defend public service broadcasting, democracy and the public interest. "

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