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After two days of intense fermentation and processes, both at the top level and at the level of groups within SYRIZA, Mr. Panos Skourletis accepted Mr Alexis Tsipras' proposal to move from government to party as new secretary to the Central Committee. This choice by Mr. Tsipras to strengthen the party with a frontline driver marks the beginning of the restructuring effort of the party, which largely was largely in the organizational situation when SYRIZA was a party with tariffs in the region of 3%. So, as in 2019, as Tsipras said yesterday in the Central Committee, "the year of the great battles," it will try to expand it to organize in response to the electoral dynamics that the party now has, as well as the construction new alliances to expand this momentum.

"The end of the note marks the end of a political cycle for SYRIZA," Mr. Tsipras emphasized, adding that the party had to adapt to new needs and form alliances from below, from the constituency. "We need a party that is strong, united, open to society, with internal democracy and discipline," the prime minister said, sending a clear signal to individual factions and groups moving outside the central party line, that "personal democratic strategies clusters without principles, individual appropriation of collective party work ", he hastened to emphasize.

The Prime Minister placed SYRIZA as a "protagonist" of a process of increasing the social and political majority, with the aim of "stabilizing important political changes and leaving the political forces and political staff of bankruptcy" for good, as he said . . In this context, it was particularly important for the forthcoming elections in the regional and municipal elections, which were mentioned in open popular groups, to show personalities and collectives "who share our concern about the formation of a large social and political majority". As far as the national elections are concerned, Mr. Tsipras described them as "the mother of the battles" and referred to the strengthening of the political and social majority, with a meeting of "all who do not accept the return of the old regime to power" ".

With a view to the TIF

Speaking to party officials, mr. Tsipras a snapshot of the proposals that the government is preparing for the TIF. He referred to work, the increase in the minimum wage and the abolition of the subordinate, to tax reductions for individuals and businesses, to new interventions for debts to the state.

He made a special reference to foreign policy issues, defending governmental manipulations instead of the temporary & # 39; as he described it, the political costs they incurred. He spoke in particular about the return of the two Greek soldiers from Turkey, talking about coordinated actions at the political and diplomatic level, and described the agreement with FYROM on the nomenclature "historical" and added that it preserves national interests and history .

Countdown for a new form

The desire of "iron head", heard by most staff members at the SYRIZA Central Committee meeting prior to voting, showed that the dominant position of Panos Skourtetis had been discounted since Alexis Tsipras formulated his proposal.

Indeed, during the vote Mr Scourletis was elected with 126 votes in favor and 18 votes in favor.

Mr. Scourletis emphasized that the notes of the memoranda no longer exist.

If something stressed yesterday's party celebration of seniors, it was extremely low tones and the lack of tensions and processes in the corridors. The CC meeting for the appointment of a new secretary before the announcement of the reshuffle, succeeded Mr. Tsipras to the dissatisfaction that resulted from the changes by the government not to transfer to the party. Dissatisfaction, which could influence the acceptance of its proposal by the CC members.

The warm applause of Mr. Tsipras' report to Mr. Skourtetis made clear that his candidacy was not halted for a moment. Moreover, before the opening of the meeting, the so-called "presidential", which appeared in the previous days to respond to the Skourtetis nomination and the "53+" movement, they clarified that they would support this candidacy.

Mr. Scourletis himself emphasized in his speech, shortly after the announcement of his candidacy, that the role of the party is clearly needed to act as a link between the government and society. He pointed out in connection with the central political choices that the alibi of the memoranda, the alibi of the implementation of an imposed policy is no longer and that the "jump is higher".

Yesterday's CC meeting is opening the way for a new form. Mr. Tsipras, referring to the outgoing secretary, Panayiotis Rigas, said that he would be as productive as the new battlefield, suggesting he would move to the government. The transition from Mr. Scourlet from government to party opens the door for more changes and more movements in the government. Mr Nikos Pappas appears as a possible replacement, a move that paves the way for further changes. There remains a question as to who will become the new minister of civil defense, as well as the changes Mr Tsipras will make to the structure of the ministries. There are thoughts about a separate investment portfolio, but also about a State Department of Civil Protection in the wake of a catastrophe in Mati. Finally, he finds to what extent Mr. Tsipras wants to mark the expansion to other political spaces.

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