The Public Prosecution Service of Corruption is responsible for the Florus case

The case will relate to the Corruption Prosecution Office, following the Supreme Court Prosecutor's decision, only a few hours after the adoption of the Council of Evia's Board of Appeal, which "leads" back to the prison of Mr. Floros with a statement in which the invalidity certificate of the employer is stated "ambiguous and not scientifically convincing."

The Corruption Prosecution investigation will investigate possible responsibilities for committing crimes such as "false medical certificate", "moratorium on false medical certificate", "false reference to the authority" (ie the Chalkis Judicial Council, which requests for release) and "active bribery to a degree of crime" at the expense of Mars Florus and "passive bribery to a degree of crime" or to doctors.

The Board of Appeal of Euboea, which met last night, shortly before midnight, accepted the proposal of the prosecutor, head of Evia's parquet, Lambros Sofoulakis, who proposed the overthrow of the verdict by which the release of Florus had been granted, described the certificate according to which invalidity of the accused "vague, vague and not scientifically convincing."

At the court meeting in Chalkida, Mr Sofoulakis also submitted a second supplementary proposal to the Court of Appeal yesterday after the documents of the Evangelismos hospital that were under investigation and the complaints of the head of the institution were published.

The documents in question are now included in the file that was formed after the start of the criminal investigation by the head of Chalkida's public prosecutor, Dimitris Prokopiou, a file that has now been forwarded to prosecutor for corruption Eleni Touloupaki.

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