The Scandinavian primary school is at night

Primary school in Aianteio is at night - No worries about the fire in Kanakia

A total of 54 members (38 minors, 16 adults) of the Hellenic Scout Corps (SEP) prevented the camping in Kanakia, Salamis, and left safely after a small fire that took place in a rubbish dump in the area. which is under complete control.

As the House of Hellenic Scouts says in a statement, members of the SEP were taken to the primary school of Aiadeion by coach, where they will spend the night and there is no cause for concern. The parents of the children are fully informed by the Chiefs.

The SEP thanked the municipality of Salamina and the fire service for the immediate support and transfer of its members.

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Source: RES

Last updated: Friday, August 24, 2018, 00:11

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