The target of Mrs. N. Notopoulou is reported by SYRIZA of Thessaloniki

For & # 39; misery of modern gobelisks & # 39; SYRIZA from Thessaloniki refers to the & directedness & # 39; of the new Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace, Katerina Netopoulou.

In a statement by SYRIZA, Thessaloniki, "the misery has now exceeded every limit" and that every day "some people turn their illusory imagination into action, constantly invent inventions to break the government and the recent realignment."

"With great vigor they have focused on the new Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace, Katerina Notopoulou, who" upgrades "the malicious and sexist comments they have received over the past few days, continues the announcement.

"To overcome them, modern gobberies have been passed into the phase of character assassination involving even the members of the sub-minister's family as well as members of the government and SYRIZA. Unfortunately, it turns out that two different logics, two different worlds, two different value systems contradict the political arena.Of course, we do not expect ND to distance itself from non-existent publications, and if that is the case, it will surprise us, "he says.

SYRIZA of Thessaloniki states that "she stands next to the side of companion Katerina Notopoulou and all who suffer from the miserable and false press" to conclude: "It will not hurt us, we will unite and we will all win the war together . "

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