The weather today

The weather today

On Saturday August 25, 2018 clouds in the Ionian and western continents are expected with rain and sporadic storms. In the rest of the continent the local clouds will develop from the afternoon and little local rains and possible storms are expected, mainly in Macedonia and Central Greece. In the Aegean and Crete, local clouds are sometimes expected, with local rainfall and sporadic storms in Crete from noon. The visibility in the mountains of the western mainland is limited locally until dawn, but also until the end of the 24-hour period.

The temperature in the northern continent varies from 20 to 34 degrees, with the exception of Western Macedonia, where it will be 3 to 5 degrees lower, in the west 20 to 31, east from 20 to 35, the Ionian islands from 22 to 28 , on the islands of the Aegean from 21 to 32 and on Crete from 21 to 30.

The winds in the North Aegean initially blow from the north of 3 to 5 beautiful, but from the afternoon they will weaken and blow from changing addresses of up to 3 and local 4 beautiful. In the central Aegean Sea the wind blows from the west 2 to 4 and local 5 beautiful sides. In the South Aegean the wind blows from the west from 3 to 5 and locally to 6 Beaufort. In Ionian, the winds will initially blow from southern directions to 3 beauties, but from noon they will turn westward and later northwest to 3 and locally to 4 beauties.

Attica is initially expected to be sunny, but local clouds will arise from the afternoon and there is little chance of sunny local rain showers, especially in the west and north of the prefecture. The wind blows from changing addresses to 3 beautiful places. The temperature in the center of Athens varies from 25 to 33 degrees.

Sunshine is expected in Thessaloniki with only local clouds from the afternoon. The wind is blowing from changing direction to 3 beautiful, but & # 39; s in the afternoon and & # 39; in the afternoon they become 2 to 4 Beaufort. The temperature in the city center varies from 25 to 31 degrees.

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