Thessaloniki: In an exciting atmosphere, the change of relay in YMAT

In a climate of emotion and joy, with tears of the departing and embarrassed by the new minister, the extradition ceremony of the Ministry of Macedonia Thrace by Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha took place in Katerina Netopoulou.

Report: Christos Stefanis

The new minister thanked for the honor and confidence shown by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in her face with her new role to fill her with a sense of responsibility, and promised to work hard to improve the ministry.

She thanked Mrs Kollia for their cooperation during the past two years, working together with the trust office, and stressed that the office of the Prime Minister in Thessaloniki, which was also an institution to which Mrs Notopoulos had given her, will continue his work.

"With sincere cooperation, we will work on the upgrade of YMAT, focused on Macedonia and Thrace, to be pioneers in the major national efforts for the productive reconstruction of the country," he said.

Mrs. Netopoulos gave her policy and as the political leader of EYATH, saying that water and sanitation remain public goods, while she insists on the close cooperation of YMAT with the other ministries and her extravert.

"In this new era we want to write a new page for the inhabitants of Macedonia and Thrace," said the new minister, avoiding the fear of the rookie, having a moment of shame that has passed as a pleasant moment.

Mrs. Kollia was excited, because after 3.5 years in the government she changed her position with the government. In her greeting she emphasized the harsh climate under which the ceremony took place, with the death of the Air Force pilot and the tragedy in Mati.

In the mini-report of her work as YMAT she emphasized that she had achieved international political upgrading of the country and underlined: "For me, the effort for Macedonia and Thrace continues." I am proud of the work at YMAT and I am happy to woman's hands We have done a lot, despite the small slackers we expected from the opposite Thessaloniki has become a focus of international importance in recent years. "The departing Deputy Minister referred in particular to the TIF, her role for Thessaloniki and its administration.

"I wish Mrs Netopoulou to continue her work and my own work, she will always be with me when I need it, YMAT's institution is valuable," said Ms. Kollia-Tsaroucha, wishing to say "Good authority Katerina "and asked everyone to cheer," Long live Macedonia ".

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