Thessaloniki: with the inscription "unwanted" they welcome the prime minister [Εικόνες] – The society

It is expected that "Thermi" will welcome the Thessaloniki Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the Thessaloniki International Fair 83th Thessaloniki International Fair.

With preparations for the exhibition (8-9 September) in an intensive rhythm, with a view to the inauguration of the prime minister, the reactions to his presence in the city also seem to be culminating.

The intense protests for the Macedonians who had started after the Prespa agreement, combined with the tragedy in Eastern Attica, for which the government never formally apologized, as well as the festivities of the government to leave the memoranda, they know very well that they are just completing a formal phase of loan contracts, without putting an end to the supervision or monitoring of the institutions, have indignified the Greek citizens, who always express their dissatisfaction with the SYRIZA / ANEL co-government.

A typical example is the poster with the photo of the prime minister and the inscription "Undesirable" that stayed with the unknown on Friday afternoon, both in a tree outside the offices of SYRIZA in Thessaloniki and in the elevator to the offices of the party.

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