They do not want to criticize justice and criticize the Newsbeast government

"The decision is in accordance with the law," said Tassia Christodoulopoulou, deputy speaker Tassia, at the "Red 105.5" radio station, referring to the recent release of Mr. Floros, but noted that "the jurors are of course often not bound" by law, but by subjective opinions, and ultimately they make decisions that are incompatible with the public about the sense of the law or the leniency or principles of the rule of law. "

Ms. Christodoulopoulou said in her radio interview her response "Why is this all exploited by ND" and wondered: "Why does the government refuse to apologize, but also how it is possible for people who have received a license to be enriched and Have cheated the State to charge SYRIZA in times that SYRIZA was not involved? We know others who have been asked to be released for health reasons and have never been released, their health has been certified by dozens of hospitals. especially at the time that ND and PASOK judged without any problems being created. & # 39;

Mrs Christodoulopoulou also wondered in her attitude: "Are they currently criticizing justice or the government?" And they argued that "because they do not want to criticize justice, they limit themselves to criticizing the government and emphasizing Paraskevopoulos' law as the one big problem that causes little or much crime in Greece".

As he emphasized, "the rule of law is governed by the idea that there must be prevention of crimes and then repression that enables the criminal, the perpetrator, to return to the community." Referring to the law of Paraskevopoulos, he emphasized that "it was not introduced only because SYRIZA is just a proponent of the rule of law, but also because the criminal repression made by ND had filled the prisons, where it was impossible for man to To survive, was a workplace of criminals and we have been condemned by the European courts for overpopulation and inhumane conditions ".

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