They knew of the death of 9.33 hours

A month after the untold tragedy in Mati with 96 dead, the revelations of what happened in the afternoon of July 23 continue. The area remains a "black landscape" with residents trying to stand up. The memory of the victims of the deadly fire on Saturday night was in a particularly emotionally charged climate.

The "K" of Sunday reveals that in the EKEPY Incident Incident Event the death of 9.33 hours was recorded for the events of 23 July. The National Health Center was informed shortly after 7 pm about the existence of three burns in the area of ​​N. Makris and three others in N. Voutzas.

Thirty minutes later, at 7:45 PM, the secretary general of civil protection Yannis Kapakis called the commander of EKEPY, Nikos Papafulasthiou, and asked him to send six-seven ambulances to Neu Vujza to pick up wounded people.

At 8.25 am Evangelismos, Attiki and Sismanoglio are informed by the management of the National Health Center that their watch service continues until the morning as a result of an emergency fire due to fire. At 8.50 pm the deputy governor of Sismanoglio asks that doctors can go to the hospital.

A little later, at 9.33 am, EKEPY was informed by the EKAB about the existence of a dead person in Neo Voutza and 45 minutes later as the second dead man in the same area. At 11.15 am the Ecumenical Patriarchate reports that two more dead, probably foreign subjects, are being transported from Rafina to Evangelismos.

EKEPY is informed about the existence of the first dead at 21.33 and at 23:15. is now officially aware of four deaths.

As noted in the Events Bulletin, full knowledge of the data was from the very beginning of the commander and deputy governor of the EKEPY and thus the political leadership of the Ministry of Health and Government. Further at 11.49 pm and while the meeting is under Alexis Tsipras, in which no report – at least not publicly – was put to death, EKEPY informs the Secretariat General of civil protection to receive HCDCP bags for collection of the dead

New Democracy: They were limping the citizens while they were known as dead

"Another publication, this time from" Kathimerini ", confirms, with irrefutable evidence now, that although Tsipras, his ministers and the responsible officials removed the civilians that the situation in Mati was under control, they had already had at least 4 deaths and there An unprecedented catastrophe was under way, and it was demonstrated with public evidence that the only thing they were interested in was the communication management of the tragedy to disorient the citizens and to abandon their own responsibilities.We will return: we have bad politicians in this country, so cynical, unscrupulous, irresponsible and without shame, never ".

They knew since April that there was no civil protection

At the same time tragic figures ask the relatives of the victims for answers. "I'll give you my punishment, I'll look at everything that proves that there was a deliberate murder with a possible deception and a malicious report, and for everything else you have to do what you can to find them, see who is and who is not. I believe that they are both responsible and co-exclusive only those whom I have indicted with my accusation. "With these words she described in her testimony the position of the prosecutor with regard to the deadly fire, Varvara Fytrou, that on the afternoon of the "Black Monday" of July 23, lost her husband and her two children to Mati.

The "Free Press of Sunday" reveals some of the practices of the city council in the Marathon municipality which was held in April and where the problems of civil protection of the municipality were discussed. As Ms Fytro's lawyer, Vasilis Kapernaros, complains, the regional district director of Attika, Reina Dourou, was informed that the civil protection plan did not work satisfactorily, but it turned out she did not do anything. "The civil protection sector in the municipality is not functioning satisfactorily in terms of organizing accessibility and management efficiency by the municipality," they said in April in the city council, according to the newspaper.

This city council had to approve the strategic planning of the Marathon Opportunity for 2018, which according to Presidential Decree 185 should have been made in 2007 in the first six months of the mandate of Elias Psinakis. The approval of the plan – including civil protection – came too late … three years ago: "Civil protection in the municipality must be organized and reactive capacities and resources are acquired," they noted. At another point in the municipal council where the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan was discussed, the issue of coastal accessibility was mentioned, which, as it turned out, is related to the catastrophic fire, as reference is made to access to the sea. "Coastal accessibility should be considered by the SSAB worldwide, but also proposals and solutions should be agreed through consultation A draft proposal for access to the coastal community, which should be developed after consulting the municipality and with a consensual opinion of the municipalities," it is mentioned in the strategic planning.

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