Three new questions in the Duro from Grigorakos

The Democratic Republican Democrat Leontida Grigorakos, who insists that he has no professional experience, argues for the controversy against the regional governor of Attica Reina Dourou, who insists that he has no professional experience and asks him to give concrete answers to the content of his collaboration with former Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos of the Ministry of National Defense defense.

"The events are erratic," said François Mitterrand. They are not hidden or canceled. Especially when dealing with unpredictable acts and experience disputes, "says the Democratic counterparty in his long statement and notes:

"That is why Mrs Durous must give clear and clear answers to the questions:
Was he an employee of Mr. Akis Tsochatzopoulos, in the framework of the Defense Studies and Research Foundation, which he had set up as Minister of Defense?
What exactly was the subject of their collaboration?
What was the compensation for the services it offered?

Her refusal to answer these specific questions exposes her irreparably. Most importantly, it raises important issues for its credibility and ethos.

Her silence is revealing whether it refers to her inappropriate relationships in her earlier political life or her terrible responsibilities for the untold tragedy in Mati.

If she wants to impose a regime of silence and critics, the only thing that reminds us is her relationship with & # 39; Chavism & # 39; Perhaps if she wants to keep her admiration alive for the populist, authoritarian and dictator Chávez, she will never let us be silent.

The threats do not hurt us. The truth we are looking for. If it disturbs, Ms Douro must give specific explanations.

Of course, besides fear, the regional governor of Attica also exhibits an unheard of audacity and invites me to my festive course. I have consciously forgotten my professional and scientific path. As a doctor, I went into politics and continue until today to be a professor at the university.

Instead, when Mrs. Dourou tries to convince us that he is stuck in the private sector, let him answer the questions we have asked before. Let's talk about the tampa aquarium.

With evasion, ostriches and "bruises" he can only make his unreliability and insolvency worse.

With her deafening silence, Mrs. Dourou reminds us of the famous saying: "I hoped that I would hide and stumble."

Douro: I have never been a party!

Earlier, the Regional Governor of Attica reacted to statements by Leonidas Grigorakos from the SKA television station, in which he said that he was not a professional politician and was not a party.

He said in particular: I hereby declare the party that is known to its party, Grigorakos, that I have never been a professional member of a party or a product of a party. I have been private stamps for years, I have become unemployed like so many of my peers because of the policies of the governments that were party to or party to the party.

Finally, to remind him of his memory, I remind him that his colleague, a blue member of parliament, a former minister who had spoken at the expense of a similar unfounded lie at my expense, was twice definitively and irrevocably punished by the justice which the truth restored. Did not know? Let's learn, "concludes Mrs Douro.

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