Traffic accident with two injured in Lamia

Traffic accident with two injured in Lamia

A traffic accident took place on Tuesday night at 11:00 am on the road Lamia-Domokos, just above the ICE junction, at the Revoil filling station.

The two cars, a rural and an old Hyundai, collided sideways with the result that the two drivers were injured and got stuck on the metal plates.

The green Hyundai was led by a 46-year-old Roma, while the white farmer, full of vegetables, led a 51-year-old stylish practitioner.

The wounded arose with the help of firefighters and 7th EMAK men who hurried to the spot and immediately afterwards they were transported by ambulances from the EKAB to the urgency of GN Lamia.

Lamia & # 39; s traffic police investigates the state of the traffic police.


Last updated: Wednesday, August 22, 2018, 05:15

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