Tzanakopoulos: We will pursue a prudent fiscal policy

The spokesman for the government spoke for a new phase in which the economy and society are now entering Dimitris Tzanakopoulos. In an interview with RealFm, Mr. Tzanakopoulos said: "We are entering a new phase for both the Greek economy and Greece and for Greek society as a whole".

As he said: "With the restoration of the economic sovereignty of the country, what is now being controlled by the European institutions is not the means to reach the goals, but the objectives themselves, if the Greek economy will be able to overcome budget surpluses. achieve agreed upon for debt sustainability.

All figures show that the fiscal adjustment cycle has been completed, "said Mr Tzanakopoulos, and no new measures are needed, instead a budget of € 750 million will be created from 2019 that can be used for social support and emergency aid. who are in charge.

As far as the distribution of the surplus is concerned, the Minister of State said that the detailed announcements will be made by the Prime Minister to the TIF, but the issue is discussed by the finance staff so that they can best be disseminated and "we expect to see whether there will be over-regulation ". 2018, which means that there will be a corresponding distribution, as was the case in 2016 and 2017 ".

With regard to pensions, he said "with sufficient certainty" that "the implementation of this measure to achieve a primary surplus of 3.5% in 2019 is not necessary". However, he added that everything depends on the country's fiscal policy.

For the opposition's criticism of the country's ability to go to markets, he said that Greek bond yields are at the level of 2006 and 2007 and "are not right" that there is no access to markets.

"The question is different: do you have to have access to international markets? The answer is that, in order to meet its financing needs, there is no reason to withdraw from the market, but for the part of the Public Debt Management Agency specific outflows planned on the markets, because with the best interest rates we lend on international markets, the lending rates of Greek companies are better. "This process, he said, can strongly stimulate the country's economic growth. So "it is absolutely wrong what ND claims, because it is wrong that the form of surveillance is the same."

On the question of whether the country can now recruit in areas where there are needs, Mr Tzanakopoulos said that we can do it, but we can weigh every step very well, because the political freedom of the government is much greater than that which he has added, we must under no circumstances give the impression that we do not pursue a cautious budget policy and endanger the sustainability of debts.

He also expressed the appreciation that "very soon citizens will see a big difference".

The government spokesman also attacked Yannis Stournaras, remarking:

"It is clear that he has tried too long to justify his own political course as minister of government Samara -Venizelou. He often speaks less as a central banker and more like a former finance minister, "he said, recalling that not only the IMF, but also the European institutions in May 2014 had indicated that the second program" is irreversible outside the borders " and it was not possible to achieve his goals.

"It is a story that lies solely in the minds of Mr. Stournaras and possibly Mr. Samaras and Mr. Venizelos and tries to give the impression of a success story for the second program," said the government spokesman. He also noted that Mr. Moskovisi said that the second program was not completed because the then ND and the PASOK government did not want to continue with the insurance reform.

He repeated what they had said, both Mr. Moskovis as Mr. Ntaiselmploumthat the first two programs were designed so that Greek banks could be saved and not the Greek economy.

Finally, asked about the time the prime minister gave a speech, he said he would turn to the Greek people on the first day after leaving the program "marking a complete historical phase for Greece".

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