University of Crete: Risk of "leaking" of students by … rents!

University of Crete: Danger

In a major problem, the issue of housing evolves for students, educators and families who are looking for an uneasy way of living – a decent house with reasonable financial demands – in Rethymno.

According to, "in a city that is the headquarters of the University of Crete and" counts "a total of 11 thousand registered students out of a total of 19 thousand attending all schools of the University of Athens in Rethymno and Heraklion and welcome 1,900 first-year students, the issue of living is crucial for the academic institution but also for the city itself Student deputy chancellor of the University of Crete Konstantinos Spanoudakis pointed out in a statement to the media that the problem has a large dimension has accepted and emphasizes that it is necessary to help everyone solve the problem.

Apart from the students, however, the city accommodates hundreds of teachers who work in prefecture schools, while at the same time thousands of families looking for home in Rethymnon, especially in the past year, are disappointing.

The authorities of the prefecture risk the risk that if there are no solutions and especially the owners are not aware, the city will soon lose students, teachers and permanent residents lost by the housing problem, with all the consequences it implies for the city itself and its prosperity.

Last updated: Sunday, 2 September 2018, 02:30

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