Very high fire risk for tomorrow Tuesday

The Civil Protection Secretary predicts a very high fire risk in Attica and the south of Evia

A higher level of readiness for civil protection calls on all stakeholders in the Secretariat General for Civil Protection, believing that there will be a major fire risk tomorrow, Tuesday 21 August.

In particular, according to the Fire Prevention Card, a very high fire risk (risk category 4) is foreseen in the following areas:

Attica region
Evia region


The Secretariat General for Civil Protection ( of the Ministry of Interior has informed the relevant government departments, as well as the regions & municipalities of the above-mentioned areas, of their high level of civil protection. to deal directly with fire incidents.

At the same time, the Civil Protection Secretariat recommends that citizens be very cautious and avoid acts of violence in the countryside that could cause fires through negligence, such as throwing lit cigarettes, burning dry grasses and branches or cleaning remnants, using sparking machines such as circular saws, welding equipment, the use of outdoor grills and more. It is also recalled that firefighting is prohibited while breaking fire.

In case of fire, citizens are kindly requested to inform the fire brigade immediately at number 199.

For more information and self-protection instructions against the dangers of forest fires, citizens can visit the website of the civil protection secretariat at

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