Volos: Learner was chained to a light column

A 16-year-old child chained to a lighting column struggles in vain to free himself. Shocking incident in Agios Konstantinos …

A shocking incident was mentioned last night (20-08-2018) to watch the fire service of Volos. Firefighters were called to escape to the port of Agios Konstantinos. But the company was about a young, Greek, only 16 years old, who was chained with a handcuff to a light column!

The incident took place around 11.15 am at night, with many people on the spot. All shops around Agios Konstantinos were full of people, while many Voloios made their evening stroll when they were angry to discover that the young man could not be freed and remained helpless.

Some passers-by did not remain shameless and warned the fire department. It is typical that the latter to cut the chain and release the boy, had to use a special cut. Yet it remains unknown how the minor was attached to the column. Police investigations continue …

The front page for the case

The young man, reportedly, looked good in his health, while the police officers who arrived at the place, the father of the child who also appeared, allegedly said "the children were playing, I do not want to be followed up."

Source: newspaper Tahidromos Volos


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