Volos: Wild wood in the city council (photo & # 39; s, video & # 39; s)

Wood fell at the meeting of the municipal council of Volos, when demonstrators tried to speak, with the president of the institution not allowing them.

According to thessaliatv the only topic of discussion was the liquidation of the municipal operation DEYAMB, but the blood did not take long to merge & # 39; and the battle began.

On the side of members of the Citizens Movement for Water, it was reported that there were grooves and gypsies in the room with "butterflies" in their hands.

Securists also stepped forward to protect President George Moulas, who chaired the meeting, while the citizens demanded and attempted to use the "inflatables" of the gymnasiums and the nightgowns & # 39; to remove while complaining, so they went to the mayor's palace and in the hall of the town hall, strong forces from the MAT to control the situation and calm down.

However, the meeting was stopped earlier when citizens started calling out slogans about the non-liquidation of the municipal enterprise.

In turn, the mayor of Volos Achilleas Beos said at the end of the meeting that "we will drink this glass to the end together", pointing out that the data of what was involved was at the disposal of the authorities and that the prosecutor own initiative would intervene.

Police forces also entered the Council Hall and tried to remove the people involved while the meeting was stopped.

The burgomaster under conviction re-entered the room at 2.30 pm and City Council President George Mullas announced that the meeting would be adjourned tomorrow morning at 9 am.

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