"We will write a new book after the exit" – Papadimoulis made Twitter laugh [εικόνες]

He was enthusiastic by Dimitris Papadimoulis and celebrated with successive tweets about the exit of Greece from the memorandum.

"We are starting to write the first pages of a new book," said the Vice-President of the European Parliament.

"After eight years, on August 21, Greece finally comes out of the" intensive "memorandum, and we start writing the first pages of a new book, with seriousness and a reform plan, without fiesta and fanfare. developmental extraversion ", writes the head of the Eurogroup of SYRIZA.

After eight years, on August 21, Greece finally comes out of the "intensive" memorandum. We start writing the first pages of a new book. With seriousness and reform, without festive fans. With healthy public finances and development extraversion.

– Dim. Papadimoulis (@ dadadimoulis) August 19, 2018

Twitter sees the "end of the memoranda" that the government is spreading with another eye. The "SYRIZA book" of Mr. Papadimoulis became viral and caused a wave of ironic remarks:

See for example:

  • # BIBLE_SYRIZA took place and made hotspots
  • Do not tell me. … BIBLE_SYRIZA is translated into other languages? what you are saying now!

Dim. Papadimoulis

Verified account @papadimoulis

After eight long years, on August 21, Greece finally comes out of the "intensive" memorandum. We start writing the first pages of a new book. With seriousness and all necessary reforms; no need to brag about. With healthy public finances and development extraversion.

  • Yes, the book of our destiny. We are losing the low debit interest rates of 1.5%. Surveillance until 2060 … Sale of state property for 99 years … And capital controls. But we are going on the market and ….. Start the intensive high debit rates # BOOK_SYRIZA
  • Like today, in 2015, they prepared for the coin. Something like La casa de papel that is, but with late, brain-dead sorcerers of power.
  • They would at least offer a lot of laughter …
  • # Memorial_White_Light # Memo_Sheet # BOOK_SYRIZA
  • # BIBLE_SYRIZA Romans Illegal immigrants Transgendered Guilty Wanted Trade Unions Cousins ​​Ruby Links Anarchists And especially Merkel has a good reason to write in the book …
  • For Cover # BOOK_SYRIZA

  • Why does not he go to the constitution to dance with the people he has saved because the world loves them as they say? # BOOK_SYRIZE #Memory_Memory
  • Cover of # BOOK_SYRIZA

  • And now, what will Syria do without a memorandum? He needed it to survive more than any other. Moreover, he must write his own economic policy and not make translations … When yes, the end of a memorandum ends the end of Syria. # books_Syrza
  • The best # BOOK_SYRIZA is Kammenos # BOOK_SYRIZA
  • On # BOOKS_SYRIZA pages & # 39; s from 1-150 you will find hymns of all strangers about the skill of the Alexis of our heart

  • # BIBLE_SYRIZA how you can blame 40 years of rebellion while you have them in your party. Surreal!

  • This was fun # BOOK_SYRIZA we will remember the next 50-60 years! That was good!
  • The biggest hits of the best papadas can only be found in # BIBLE_SYRIZA

  • What did you say when you planted the prefecture of the Hellenic Republic, the army in the streets for public order, the country outside the euro zone in the science of Tsipra and your bullies to break Athens with a template, Tsipras , the Maduro regime


  • A # Book_Single that will praise all regimes!

  • Bestseller: a short summary of Paul's lies. A special dedication follows: My resignation, by Panos Kammenos. # BOOK_SYRIZA

  • Memorandum, cc taxes, counterfeiting, hidden business illegal immigration, betrayal to Macedonia and not only, Dead Manndra, Matios eternal high surpluses 100 years supermarket and other stories you can find in # BIBLE_SYRIZA
  • # BOOK_SYRIZA. How to increase the debt of the country and prepare a feast to celebrate
  • If you want your country to progress progressively, follow the steps and sell hay to your goats to get out of the memoirs. # BOOK_SYRIZA

  • # BOOK_SYRISE how to become a world animal.

Only one # BOOK_SYRIZE? Very golden encyclopedia!

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