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The photo promise of Theophilos Costoulas to Iliana Stefanidou that they will marry after they leave the memoirs, but also the humorous suspension on the issue of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, on social media, with advice to the groom "watch out what he does", monopolizes the talks in Kavala.

The mayor of Kavala, Dimitra Chanaka, was the one who celebrated the political marriage and, with her statements at the Athens-Macedonian news agency, referred to this happy moment for the couple.

"It was a really nice time in the town hall, the children begged me to marry them, and I was delighted to take the position of the deputy mayor of the marriage." After the wedding, the placards (where the promise of the groom was shown) by the guests We had a very young marriage and we laughed very much with the slogans … Letting the others look out for what they want, they want a lot of attention, "said Mrs. Tanaka.

The mayor argued that "the post gave us a smile and humor in our lives, it's worth it because everyone has so many miseries and notions, we all have to laugh for five more minutes."

It is typical that the groom, Theophilos Kostoulas, a dietitian in the trade, under the prime minister's post and the wishes for the wedding, Alexis Tsipras replied to the religious marriage he would have with his wife, time in Kavala.

Ms Tanaka adds that she is waiting for the prime minister to attend the couple's religious marriage, because it is an opportunity to tell him the problems of Kavala that need to be resolved … Last year I had the opportunity, presence of the "Tsipra in the Egnatia Railway Area, to explain to him the major development issues of the city."

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