Where are the investigations into the crime in Philopappou?

At least 10 people, five of whom are marked for violent raids on the street, focus on police investigations for the theft that resulted in the death of a 25-year-old on the hill of Philopappou in the middle of the week according to information. ] While skai.gr is broadcasting, police officers are targeting Pakistan, Afghanistan and Algerian citizens and have stepped up their efforts to gather information about places where migrants from these countries reside and travel.

to detect fingerprints or genetic material that the three perpetrators of the fatal robbery might have left behind in the handbag of the girl from Portugal who had come with the victim

Although the 23-year-old person did not have any of the accused suspects

New security measures

Meanwhile, the plans for new police coverage of the hill are prepared by the police

According to information, the police plan has provided the installation of guards at all entrances that to the hill – although estimated at 40 to 50 – and patrols with bicycles or motorcycles in some zones. In the steep and inaccessible places the patrols are made by pedestrian stairs.

EL.AS. Finally, he plans to extend the duration of the patrols on the hill by two hours, that is to say until 1:00 AM after midnight

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