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The deadline to apologize on Friday was taken by a 34-year-old who was accused of holding a 40-year-old Frenchman in his house in Lamia.

During the preliminary investigation new facts came, namely the statements of two other women who claimed to have lived with the French.

The 24-year-old who lived with her after her apology was released.

The details slowly come to light in the light of the case that Lamia shook with the 40-year-old French woman who was abused last Saturday in an apartment in the center of the city.

The data of a 34-year-old Lamiotis and a young 24-year-old girl with whom she lived claim not only in case of rape or … advanced erotic contacts, but of a persistent mischievous attitude of at least one man.

The case began last Wednesday with the arrival of the 40-year-old Frenchman in Lamia, especially at the station of Lianokladi, where she received the 34-year-old.

Initially nothing of the horror that would follow was witnessed. But as soon as she called hers that she had arrived, they began to find it difficult, because the 34-year-old reportedly bound her and brought her to a room where she said she would be her prison.

Her martyrdom lasted a total of 2.5 days until the Lamia Security police appeared after an Interpol signal and the 40-year-old could communicate with hers via her mobile phone.

Among the briars or threats proposed by him is the desire of the 34-year-old to turn her into a slave, which was the only way to release her again!

According to the first known facts, these two had met more than four years ago through a social networking site and in 2016 the French had visited him again at his home in Lamia.

But then everything was fine and it seemed like a happy couple that was looking for solutions to be together. And then the 34-year-old had a strange taste with handcuffs, but not the erotic act, and he had not worried her.

They continued to maintain contacts through the internet and were essentially like a couple, and nothing according to the 40-year-old pretended to behave like that.

At this point, the presence of the 24-year-old gave the police the right to believe that some things could be extreme because the 40-year-old could not accept a third person in their relationship.

But all this until Monday evening, when two other women, Lamiotisis, talked about what was scary for them in the hands of the 34-year-old.

One of them accused him of having been raped, because when he realized his strange taste, he wanted to stop, but the 34-year-old tied her up and raped her.

The second is reportedly forced by the accused for almost twelve years. He threatened her, among other things, with a mockery and managed to have it as a "game" for more than a decade.

In her testimony she reportedly denounced terrible things, even though she had closed her in the trunk of her car during a meeting where she wanted to ask him to stop.

On Tuesday afternoon (18/9) the 34-year-old passed a second time on the stairs of the courthouse in Lamia and again asked for a time limit after she was prosecuted with the new facts. So his apology was postponed for the following Friday afternoon.

Instead, the 24-year-old was released from Analistria just after 3 pm after her apology. According to all the evidence, the young is another 34-year-old "victim" because her past and her character do not allow her to think she agrees with such extreme games in such areas.

However, she did not know if her partner was doing ugly acts at the expense of her & # 39; guest & # 39 ;.

The case, however, has many other aspects that need to be emphasized about the general behavior of the 34-year-old who was employed as a gendarmerie.
Watch video's of the arrival of the 34-year-old and 24-year-old in the Lamia Courts:
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