5 must read news: Ping An interim dividend increased by 24% – Newsletter website hkej.com

1. Earn 34% in the medium term of the flat warranty and a dividend increase of 24%.

China The interim net profit of Ping An (02318) increased by 33.78% on an annual basis and the interim interest increased by 24%.

2. Hang Seng index reaches 652 points in third place.

Hong Kong stocks remained strong over the past two days: they increased by more than 100 points all day and approached ten antennas (currently 27,801) Sales were more than 100 billion yuan, the number rose 652 points in three days.

3. Country Garden: Ning slows down development speed First goal of safety quality

Country Garden (02007) President and Executive Director Mo Bin has again made victims in the accident during the past months and apologized to the public on behalf of the company's management. He said that safety quality will be the primary goal in the future.

4. Rundy intends to split the property jacket. Commercial property is not discussed

China Resources Land (01109) said the company discussed the spin-off of the property management company.

5. Evergrande Health is convinced that FF91 will achieve its mass production target in the first quarter of next year.

Evergrande Health (00708) introduced the 45% stake in Faraday, the American company for energy vehicles, in June. Peng Jianjun, the vice president of the company, said he is confident that he can reach FF91's mass production target in the first quarter of next year.

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