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Chairman of CEC International (00759) and founder of 759 Axinwu, Lin Weijun, died in the Yanghe Hospital on Saturday (18th), at the age of 61. CEC International sent a message yesterday confirming the death of Lin Weijun, indicating that he did his best to make it according to his life. Strategy, continue to exercise group activities and reveal that the board of directors will restructure the structure and update the latest developments in time. The announcement also mentioned that the Board of Directors sincerely thanked Lin Weijun for his efforts and valuable contributions and expressed his deep sympathy to his family. Suddenly it was reported that the management of the company had convened an internal meeting last night.

CEC strategy unchanged proposed restructuring framework

Ashin House uploaded last night on Facebook & # 39; s page "Missing Chairman Mr. Lin Weijun" and immediately received a large number of comments from netizens, and some netizens were the Ashin House of Lin Weijun grateful for success. Fight against the hegemony of the supermarket.

Lin Weijun is a workaholic, he knows the Hong Kong people who are familiar with the chain-feeding specialty Ashin House. After his high school education at the age of 13 he joined the society and then worked in a Japanese electronics factory. In 1979 he established his own door to set up CEC International, which deals with the production and sale of electronic parts stores and was listed in 1999. After the outbreak of the financial tsunami in 2008, Lin Weijun, due to the plummeting activities, that there was no way to manage the industry in Hong Kong.The company was able to sell Japanese snacks at a glance.In connection with the Japanese consumption model, Ashin House was founded in 2010 and the Japanese TV drama "A It story of the letter "The protagonist of Ashin, the spirit of perseverance, the small profits but quick turnover and direct delivery of a balanced production mode, mainly the sale of snacks and beverages around the world.

Ashin House was suspected of being too low a price and blocked by suppliers of soft drinks. It was taken out of stock temporarily, but Sayong lost his horse and knew it was a blessing. The company mainly focused on snacks such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. People from Hong Kong are welcome, the company has grown rapidly and the number of stores has risen three times in five years, but also in cosmetics and even in the car. However, a few years ago the retail trade in Hong Kong was in recession and market competition was fierce. Ashin House started to shrink its activities considerably and the market occasionally heard the news about the completion of Ashin House.

Although Lin Weijun was famous for snacks, he revealed in the past that he did not like snacks and his body was never healthy, he had two strokes and had diabetes, he only slept 4 hours a day. On the family side, Lin Weijun had a son and a daughter. When he was interviewed, he rarely mentioned his family. He was asked if he would make a good case. He said he was not at ease, afraid that his children would could not do it.

HKTV Mall, the online store of Hong Kong TV (01137), has grown rapidly in recent years and is considered the main competitor of Ashin House Wang Wei, chairman of the Hong Kong TV, reacted yesterday that it was unfortunate that Lin Weijun was deceased. He described Lin & # 39; s successful transformation of the company and the creation of a snack kingdom. The effort and perseverance are admirable, and the expectation of rest and family celebrations is sad.

When the generals leave, there are no big trees, the market is worried about the prospects of CEC International and Ashin House. Yao Yaohui, director of the research department of Yaocai Securities, described that the death of Lin Weijun suddenly came. It is expected that the share price of CEC will fluctuate first, but it is believed that the degree is not serious. The future development of the share price will depend on factors such as the successor and the company performance.

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