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On the eve of the negotiation at ministerial level on trade disputes between China and the United States, market sentiment was cautious and rumor has it that the recent shocks in A shares have been worrying at regulators. The China Securities Regulatory Commission has earlier yesterday had a meeting with real estate analysts and the & # 39; national team & # 39; came more directly to the market. Strongly, the implementation of the two branches of the market to support the market, encouraging A-share to rebound, drive Hong Kong shares to follow. The Hang Seng index closed at 27,598 points, an increase of 384 points (1.41%). It rose for two trading days, 497 points, and the turnover of the headboard was 93.6 billion yuan. Tencent (00700) rose more than 4% and regained the level of 350 yuan. The analysis is of the opinion that yesterday's market is mainly driven by market sentiment and that the short term can be tested at 28,000 points, but the weakness of the shares in Hong Kong is not reversed.

Stocks of Hong Kong closed 27598 Tencent regained 350

The Hang Seng index opened slightly higher and then rose repeatedly.In the initial period it broke 27,500 points.Although the gains in the middle section narrowed slightly, the market for A-shares recovered sharply, so the shares in Hong Kong were again expanded, with a maximum of 396 points and a breakthrough of 27,600 points. Near the whole day high. The H-Share index reported 10,632 points, an increase of 118 points (1.13%). The short selling ratio on the market was 14.1%, an increase of 2.26 percentage points compared to the previous day. Tencent closed at 350.8 yuan, a strong increase by 13.8 yuan (4.09%) Beishui sorghum goods, Tencent recorded a net sales of 548 million yuan in "Hong Kong Stock Connect", and "Hong Kong Stock Connect" bore a total of 1.388 billion yuan.

The Hang Seng index closed at 27,462 points, 57 points lower and 136 points lower. The equity index ADR Hong Kong closed at 27.78 points, 19 points lower than in Hong Kong.

China Securities Regulators see analysts, national team fodder

The A shares were yesterday most of the day yesterday. The Shanghai Composite Index saw a low of 2,653 points near 2 o'clock in the afternoon and reached the low point of 2638 points at the beginning of 2016. Thereafter, the China Securities Regulators and analysts held closed doors to understand market conditions and turned then rounded and went on all day. The high position closed at 2698 points, more than 1.1% higher, so the five-day losing streak ended: the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 8414 points, an increase of 0.68%. The media on the mainland described the actions of the China Securities Regulatory Commission as a reflection of the recent turmoil on the stock markets that has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities.

Mainland media reported that a number of large insurance companies have confirmed that they have raised their positions yesterday, including the Shanghai 300 Index, the voters of the CSI 500 Index and financial stocks Each company has a size of several hundred million yuan. Coincidentally, the foreign power quoted people who were familiar with the case, the Chinese government-related funds came on the market yesterday and bought blue chips to support the A-share market. The news that the relevant funds have entered the market is only to maintain market stability, not to increase the share price.

Hong Wei, managing director and head of the research department at Bank of Communications International, said that although the Chinese government has intervened in the market, it can not be assumed that the low level will be "iron soil" in early 2016 and will not fall. "The government has also intervened on the foreign exchange market, but what about the trend of the people?" If the A shares sound technically after the oversold, the uptrend will not last long unless the Chinese economic situation and the development of the trading wars improve.

China and the United States will hold trade negotiations on Wednesday. The Wall Street Journal reported that in order to prevent trade disputes undermining Sino-US relations and shaking the world market, China and the United States want to meet the two heads of state in November. However, the news has not seen any boost for A shares. Hong Yan added that if the "Study Conference" was held in November, the Department of Commerce, as the Chinese representative of the negotiations, would not have to take any decision this week, so that the market did not respond clearly.

The director of ETF & # 39; s ETF activities in China explained that the Hong Kong stock market should be a technical upswing after oversold yesterday. In particular, Tencent had previously fallen to a level of 320 yuan. Investors have put a big push to push the stock price to 350 yuan, which is certain for the market. support. Although China and the United States are resuming trade negotiations on Wednesday, on the US side, under the leadership of Ministry of Finance officials, it is difficult to predict how much influence the tariff fund has: it is estimated that the shares in Hong Kong will be silent for the meeting. but the market can test 28,000 points, but it is difficult to rise. Wear this level because the resistance and support levels of the HSI are reduced.

The oversold technology rebounded, sadly 28,000

Huang Siyuan, senior investment manager of Patek Asset Management, also said that Hong Kong's stock market was dominated by market sentiment yesterday. It is too early for the market to win the meeting between the two heads of state in November, and this time it is not responsible for the negotiations. High-ranking officials, not to mention the Sino-US trade conflicts, are long-term disputes in the ideology. Even if the short-term easing, there will be "noise" in the future.

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