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Apple confirmed that some of the iPhone 8 models were defective in motherboard manufacture, causing the phone screen to crash, not boot up and suddenly start up. (Photo taken from PhoneArena)

After Apple introduced the iPhone 8 last September, it is a year old, but some users have a screen freeze, can not boot and reboot. Apple confirmed earlier this year that a small number of motherboards for an iPhone 8 device have been manufactured. There are eight major countries in the affected countries in the world, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, New Zealand and the United States. The iPhone 8 was sold between September last year and March this year. section. With regard to the iPhone 8 Plus and other iPhone models, this is not affected.

Apple has also announced on the official repair page that the iPhone 8 device is eligible for free repair and is free for replacement now. If you want to know if your iPhone 8 is eligible for free replacement of the motherboard, Apple also offers a serial number control tool for mobile phones. Users only need to enter the serial number of the iPhone 8 to see if they qualify for this replacement plan.

althoughTaiwan is not in this list of repairs and replacements of iPhone 8 appeared, but if the iPhone 8 of the user is purchased in the aforementioned sales countries and the inability to boot and the screen abnormally freezes, it is recommended to pay more attention.

(Photo from the official website of Apple Hong Kong)

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