Central Plains Top Ten Housing Estates has registered two transactions registered for nine consecutive weeks – Finance News – Xincheng Finance Channel

The Top 10 Housing Estate of Central Plains registered two transactions for nine consecutive weeks.

2/9/2018 19:32
According to Centaline Property data, two transactions were registered in the top ten residential districts during the weekend, an increase of one in the previous week and a single figure for 9 consecutive weeks.
Of the ten best residential areas, only one was in Kingswood Villas and Laguna City and the other eight estates recorded zero transactions.
Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said the market is full of negative news in the real estate market. "The US has a chance to raise interest rates this month." The market expects banks in Hong Kong to have the opportunity to increase the number of buyers on the market. The owners offer a larger bargaining space, but the current owners of the offers are dominated by users.There are few big concessions and the reduction is limited.Most of them do not meet the expectations of the buyers, which slows the trade rhythm. And provide mortgages with a high volume, further frozen second-hand trade.

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