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22/08/2018 19:20

China Biopharmaceutical: More pharmaceutical products in the future earn more than 1 billion yuan

"Economic News Agency 22nd Newsletter" China Biopharmaceutical (01177) published interim results in the period 2018
Revenues 9.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), 30% more than a year earlier, executive director and vice president Xie Yu in performance reporter
It is said that sales of four pharmaceutical products exceeded the RMB 1 billion last year, and more products are expected to be promoted to this sale.
It can be increased to 10 by the end of this year.
The company will be a file of the HSI on 11 September. Xie Wei said that this is a confirmation of the company and that it continues to do the quality of the product.
And sales.
For the recent incident with vaccine fraud, chairman Xie Bing said that the country is dealing with the relevant issues and that the sector will have short-term fluctuations.
But later development will be healthier.
In the area of ​​R & D, the Group has five major production bases: this year's annual investments are expected to exceed RMB 2 billion and R & D spending is around 11%.
100 million yuan.
When the renminbi has declined, does the company take hedging measures? Xie Bing said he did not consider it, although the exchange rate of the renminbi
Affected by the Sino-US trade war, it is fluctuating, but the renminbi as a world currency, the write-off will not last. (Ke)

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