China Evergrande leaped to the sixth largest short-selling shares in half a day钜 亨 网 – shares in Hong Kong

On August 20, the stock market in Hong Kong was short-selling for an amount of 5,627 billion Hong Kong dollars for half a day, while the short-selling ratio equaled 11.6% of the half-day turnover of HK $ 48.42 billion. China Evergrande (03333-HK) topped the fifth-largest short-selling stock, with a short-selling amount of HK $ 211 million, the first still holding Tencent (00700-HK), representing HK $ 407 million , the second is to pursue A shares. South A50 (02822-HK), short-selling amount of nearly 352 million Hong Kong dollars; Tracker Fund (02800-HK) short-selling amount of nearly 293 million Hong Kong; China Ping An (02318-HK) short-selling amount of 256 million Hong Kong dollars.

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