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28/08/2018 19:01

Cogobuy: profit for the second quarter of 118 million, expected in the second half of the year the sale of IC chips

"28th news from the Economic News Agency" Ketong Core City (00400) said the strategic alignment of the company has been completed. Company IC
Direct sales activities for parts continued to grow in the second quarter, coupled with the upgrade of IoT Enterprise for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The service platform brought extra turnover from service. The Group achieved a turnover of 1,544 billion yuan (RMB) in the second quarter of this year.
The non-GAAP earnings measures attributable to shareholders amounted to approximately RMB 118 million.
Ketong Core City pointed out that the Sino-US trade war has intensified and that the Group has actively collaborated with leading chip manufacturers outside the United States.
Department. In May this year, the Group signed an agreement with the largest research center for microelectronics in Europe to jointly build an egg-cell microelectronics innovation in Shenzhen.
Heart, determined to create an industry-wide, world-class platform, from chip design, production to application. The center is currently in sensor technology, detection
Network, communication, ultra-low power technology, ultra-low frequency radio, etc., collected a large number of custom chips to provide AIOT companies
Success stories.
Cogobuy believes that, with the progress of domestic chip replacement, a large number of Chinese chip manufacturers expect to expand the market through economies of scale.
Occupancy, and the company has long-standing cooperative relationships with 36 leading chip manufacturers in China, for most of the domestic large-scale
Chip manufacturer. With accurate industrial chain resources, the industrial chain "China Core" is expected to take a leap forward, even in China.
Under the background of the American trade war, the chip activities of the Group will continue to grow.
The company believes that the new development strategy will reduce dependence on the Group of external funds and effectively prevent the slow recovery of bank credit.
Potential business risk & # 39; s brought by the group. Looking forward to the second half of the year, the company will continue to rely on its own funds to promote the industrialization of the hard fishing platform, and strives
Winning through quality will provide a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of future profits.
Driven by blockchain hardware and 5G demand, the IC chip sales of the Group in the second half of the year are expected to continue beyond the first half of the year.
Growth. And hard eggs, easy to make projects, hard eggs new projects, such as custom chips, blockchain hardware, smart cars, etc.
The conference will gradually land in 2019, and ensures a continuous momentum for the group. (Joh)

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