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September 2, 2018 • Mobile phone •

Many people think that the brand new POCO from Xiaomi is a challenge for OnePlus, both cost-effective routes. After the publication of POCO F1, foreign media said that the specifications might be close to the flagship, but the positioning is actually different from that of OnePlus. . The POCO F1 from Xiaomi is relatively low in terms of materials used and is suspected of having the price of the goods.

POCO F1 also has its advantages: this high-end mobile phone without water and dustproof function can be completely disassembled with only one screwdriver and simple tools. Xiaomi demonstrated earlier on its official YouTube channel by turning the T3 screw on the bottom of the machine with a screwdriver, opening the back of the mobile phone, and then undoing the screws of the inner circuit board and components. part will be removed. to replace.

By unpacking Xiaomi, you can see that the battery of the mobile phone has a pull ring, which can be removed as long as it is pulled. This arrangement is a good thing for the emerging markets of POCO F1.Users can more easily repair in the mobile phone shop on the market, and because the parts are not stuck together, it also reduces the unnecessary loss and makes the mobile phone more environmentally friendly .

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