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2 September 2018 • Living Technology •

There are rumors that Google is planning to launch its own smart watch when it announces its new Pixel series of mobile phones, but Google has recently denied that it was not planning to launch smart watches this year and only stays on Weor OS develop.

Miles Barr, the Wear OS project manager from Google, told Tom & # 39; s Guide that Google is not planning to launch smart watches this year and will only continue to work with other vendors such as Fossil and Casio to launch more models. He described that at the moment they have not thought about how to launch a smart watch that can meet the needs of everyone. The current focus is still with partners. He did not mention how Google would be if it were a smart watch.

Google has previously announced a new version of Wear OS to improve the integration and sports features of the Google assistant, and Qualcomm has also introduced a new smartwatch chip, which is why many people expect Google to launch their own smart watches and a demonstration of Wear OS is becoming. Products. However, it appears that Google will only grow on Wear OS. If you wait for a friend of Google's own smartwatch, you probably want to consider other brands.

Source: Tom & # 39; s Guide

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