Hong Kong's stocks amounted to 151 points in one day, 4% to the silver entertainment bombs – website hkej.com of the newsletter

The Sino-US trade war escalated and the United States announced to set new rates for 200 billion US dollars in Chinese imports. The Chinese and Hong Kong stock markets have performed repeatedly today. In the afternoon the market turned into a good and the Hang Seng index closed at 27,000.

The Hang Seng index opened 86 points lower and reported 26846 points, it was half a day high and after the market opened, it has 283 points and a low of 26648 points, after which it has stabilized and the decline has dropped to 100 points, but the rebound is weak. The Hang Seng index fell 200 points between noon and 26732. In the middle of the afternoon the A-shares suddenly rose. The Shanghai Composite Index recovered 2.7 and the shares in Hong Kong rose. The Hang Seng index rose maximum 223 points.The high score was 27156 and it was above the 27,000 level and 10 antennas (about 26890). The Hang Seng index eventually closed at 27.084 points, an increase of 151 points or 0.56%.

The city's market turnover amounted to 86.366 billion yuan, a sharp increase of 34% compared to the previous day.

The China Enterprises index reported 10,556, an increase of 94 points or 0.91%.

Tencent (00700) fell by more than 3% yesterday and fell 2.1% today. It rose once in the afternoon and closed 0.4% at 318 yuan, first ranked at 7.734 billion yuan.

The second largest transaction was Ping An (02318), after the A-share market it closed 1.1% higher at 75.35 yuan.

GEG (00027) rebounded 4.1%, making it the best blue-chip performer today.

Geely (00175) was sung by the great singer, the share price was almost 7% and closed 3.9%, which is the most blue-chip performance.

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