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Hong Kong shares rose 40 points in the afternoon, with 27,830 points temporarily high, but the Hong Kong stock markets hit the weak side exchange guarantee in the afternoon, the Hang Seng index fell 160 points. From 15.19 hours the Hang Seng index reported 27.655 points, 135 points or 0.5%, and the market turnover was 64.791 billion yuan.

The China Enterprises index reported 10,773 points, a decrease of 41 points or 0.4%.

The A-share market closed slightly, with a Shanghai Composite Index of 0.18% and a decrease of the Shenzhen Component Index of 0.2%.

In the afternoon Ganghui will achieve the weak exchange guarantee level of 7.85. The exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar became weak during the exchange market in New York.The HKMA bought HK $ 1,766 billion and on Monday (27) the banking system in Hong Kong fell to a total of 91,025 billion yuan.

In the area of ​​blue chip stocks, Tencent (00700) declined by 1.6%, the interim results of AIA (01299) were less than expected and the latter fell by 2.6%. Both shares dragged the market down.

AAC (02018) lost 3.6%, the last decrease of 2.8%.

After CNOOC (00883) announced its interim results, the bank remained positive, with the last increase of 3.4%.

Regarding Changhe, Changhe (00001) rose by 0.1%, Changshi Group (01113) rose by 1.7%. By contrast, electricity (00006) ex-dividend, the last decrease of 0.5%.

The blue-chip new and expensive piles, Shenzhou International (02313), which announced the results next Monday (27th), fell by 3.5%, a decrease of 3.1%, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (01177) rose 6.7% , an increase of 3.3%.

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