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Huatai Insurance reproduces equity transfer


Business news (Reporter Xu Chenhui) Huatai Insurance reproduces the transfer of shares. On August 24, the China Insurance Association announced that Huatai Insurance & # 39; s minority shareholder China International Travel Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Travel Trade") will transfer 660 million shares from Huatai Insurance to Zhejiang.foxfrom

Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fosda") for compensationdebtfrom

. After the transfer, Fosda will hold a 0.1461% interest in Huatai Insurance and the China Travel Service will withdraw.

According to the executive ruling of the Hangzhou Intermediate People & # 39; s Court of Zhejiang Province, the escrow merchant holds 6.6 million Huatai Insurance shares owned by the application executor Fosda and is used to offset the debt. Fosda said before the source of funding: "The company strictly follows national laws and regulations and relevant legal requirements.investmentfrom

Huatai insurance funds are derived from legal funds for own use and are not in any form whatsoever.financialfrom


Or elsefinancingfrom

Channel funding. However, the aforementioned change of shareholders' affairs will still have to be effective after submission to the Commission for Regulating the Banking System.

According to the information, the predecessor of Huatai Insurance was a real estate insurance company and the shareholder structure was relatively scattered. In recent years, the shareholders of the company have regularly transferred their shares. In 2015, the company introduced the new shareholder Inner Mongolia Junzheng and received approval by the regulatory authorities. So far the largest shareholder of Huatai Insurance is the Anda Insurance Group in foreign hands, holding 15.6048%, Inner Mongolia Junzheng 15.3%, the second largest shareholder, the two subsidiaries of Sinopec have a total of 13 , 95%, the third Large shareholder.

Since the beginning of this year, Huatai Insurance has undergone several changes to the shareholding. On June 15, Wuhan Contemporary Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (now renamed "Wuhan Tianying Investment Group Co., Ltd.", hereinafter "Tianying Investment"), 197 million Huatai Insurance shares have been transferred to Beijing Langjing Tianhuanengineeringfrom

Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Langjing Tianhuan"). After the transaction was completed, Tianying Investment Co., Ltd. by 0.49% against the previous 5.4% and Langjing Tianhuan had 4.9%.

Then Jiangsu announced Yueda Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yueda Investment") on June 23 that at the twenty-eighth meeting of the 9th Board of Directors the company reviewed and approved The proposal to purchase the 50 million shares of Huatai Insurance Group Co., Ltd. held by the company is intended to transfer the 50 million Huatai Insurance shares that are the target. In fact, the relationship between Yueda Investment and Huatai Insurance is very long. Already in 1996, it has increased its subscription to Huatai Insurance. Yueda Investment said on the reason of departure: "According to the overall development strategy of the company, the sale of assets will help improve the efficiency of the use of assets and withdraw money." After the completion of this transaction, the company's performance will be increased and the specific impact will be checked. The number of disclosures in the financial statements has the upper hand. "

The acquisition of the share transaction was completed two months after the listing. According to Yueda Investment's announcement on August 14, "Yueda Investment intends to transfer 50 million Huatai Insurance shares (1.2333% of the total share capital of Huatai Insurance) to Anda Bermuda Insurance, and the share transfer price is 447, 5 million yuan, however, the above two changes in equity will also have an effect after approval by the Bank Council.

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