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20 August 2018 • gadgets, tablets, mobile phones •

Recently, Apple's iPad battery exploded in a branch in Amsterdam. Due to concerns about customers and employees who inhale harmful chemicals, people in the store need emergency evacuation. The store has to be closed temporarily.

According to foreign media "iCulture", after the explosion, Apple employees have moved the battery to a sand-filled bin. Fortunately, the explosion caused no fire, and no one was injured in the incident. However, three employees said they had trouble breathing and were being treated by rescue workers. Because the explosion can release harmful substances, the people in the store have to be evacuated and the store has to be closed temporarily so that the fire department can remove the gas.

If the user feels that the battery is inflated, do not try to replace it yourself, but go as soon as possible to an Apple retailer in the area or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for assistance.

The following is the case when the fire engine rushed to the scene.

Source: 9to5mac, AS Media

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