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Original title: Lego described the super run

The Lego Toys Company from Denmark has built a Bugatti supercar with more than 1 million blocks. @ 视觉 中国 According to Xinhua News Agency? Lego Toys of Denmark has built a Bugatti supercar with more than 1 million blocks, all built with Lego bricks and parts, next to steel frames, wheels and logos. In addition, this Lego version of Bugatti is not a model, two people can carry.


This Lego Bugatti has a sky blue front and a dark blue back. Both the front and rear lights can be switched on and off, the doors can be opened and closed, and the steering wheel, instrument panel, gear lever, seat, brake pedal and rear-view mirror are also located inside. In addition to more than 1 million blocks, the car also used 2,304 Legomotors and 2032 LEGO gears. The body weighs 1,500 kg. The fastest speed is 19.3 kilometers per hour, while the "True" Bugatti sports car can reach a top speed of 420 kilometers per hour. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 30, the construction of this Lego car cost a total of 13,400 working hours.

This Lego version of Bugatti will be shown at the Monaco Circuit, the Italian Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championships on September 2nd. (Huang Min)

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