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Original title: The rise of the United States to raise chicken chickens

According to Xinhua News Agency? Do you still keep cats and dogs as pets? In the United States, some so-called "elites" are now popular with chicks.

The American website of Trolltech News reported that chicken farming was always associated with rural areas. Nowadays, with the publication of some research results, it is acknowledged that chicken behavior has in some respects been underestimated by chicken intelligence, similar to animals with a high IQ, and has different personalities. That is why breeding chicken has become a fashion for some elites, and the owner treats chickens as pets.

With the emergence of this trend, products have been created with regard to pet chicks. Baker, who lives in New Hampshire, is one of the people who has succeeded in 'golden & # 39 ;. She designed a variety of cotton bibs for chickens, similar to "urine moisture", opened an online store called "Puppy Poultry", which now sells 500 to 1,000 pieces per month, and customers are everywhere in the United States. The online store has a profit of about 50,000 US dollars (about 344,000 yuan).

By giving diapers to chickens, some people may feel ridiculous, but pet owners are no different from pet cats and dogs. In the market it is possible to control the temperature, humidity, light intensity, etc. Via mobile telephones. Chicken cages that detect pet chicken activities are priced up to $ 20,000 (138,000 yuan). Some people do not hesitate to hire "Chickentalkers" for $ 225 per hour (1550 yuan) to understand if pet chickens are healthy.


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