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Microsoft has already released Windows 10 (Red Stone 5), which is Build 17741, by previewing the test pipeline. Developers who want to preview the game can test the new version of Windows 10 that will be updated in October.

The focus of this update is mainly based on the dark mode of macOS 10.14 Mojave, the synchronization function of mobile phones and PC data used with the new version of your phone application, the update of the Notepad function and the improvement of the new screen assignment function.

Among them, the new version of the dark mode naturally also offers a darkened theme with black, and also changes the status column item to a dark color configuration, so that users can minimize the original white when used in a long time or in low light. The basic color has an effect on vision. However, in terms of third-party apps, developers also need to participate in color matching in dark colors, otherwise most third-party apps will still be based on light-colored set themes & # 39; s.

The recent addition of the Your Phone app makes it easier for users to transfer data stored on Android or iOS platform devices to PCs, improving the user experience on different devices and on different platforms. As far as the new version of Notepad is concerned, the content clipping function has been improved and the temporary storage space for data is further increased from 1MB to 4MB, meaning that users can cut and paste images with greater capacity, and the new screen allocation tool will also are added to support content with higher image density. .

In addition, Microsoft has also added support for Emoji version 11 emoji content in the new version of Windows 10 and solved many known issues, including Cortana.

It is expected that Microsoft will publish the official version of the Windows 10 Build 17741 update in the fall of this year, allowing more users to experience the new version of Windows 10 features.


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