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The global campaign for waste reduction and "demolition" has started. The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, also said in his blog that he supports the "form-off". He said the government is planning to implement the "Free Recycling Services Pilot Scheme", which is expected to be implemented gradually in 2019. She will also conduct a study in this Legislative Session to understand the regulation of disposable plastic tableware and to explore the "plasticity" suitable for Hong Kong. "-regulation.

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The blog entitled "Driving and Disposing", said Mr Cheung, said that over 2000 tons of waste plastics have been discarded on landfill sites over the past three years. The disposable plastic / foam rubber tableware used by the public was good for Hong Kong. The amount of plastics sold is about 10%, most of which are not degradable or deteriorated very quickly. "We can imagine that once disposable plastic tableware penetrates the marine environment, it will exist for a long time and continue to threaten marine life."

Following the establishment of the "pilot plan for free recycling of waste plastics", the government intends to implement the triennial pilot program for free recycling of waste plastic products. This is expected to show the government's determination to recycle the waste plastic and to increase public confidence in the general initiatives for recycling and waste reduction. The call for tender at the end of this year will be implemented gradually in 2019.

He said that the recycling service for pilot projects included mainly public and private housing, schools, public organizations and the Community recycling centers under the SPD and the "green neighborhood". The SPD will directly involve contractors in the form of service contracts from the above. The waste plastics collected by the building are further processed, including sorting, crushing, cleaning and melting, to produce recycled raw materials or refurbished products, resold or exported to the local market to ensure that the recycled plastic waste is processed correctly. processing.

Mr. Cheung also said that the government will adopt a multi-faceted approach to waste reduction, including the introduction of a producer responsibility system for plastic beverages, and will also conduct a study in this legislative year to understand the regulation of disposable plastic tableware in different places. "Drawing" program.

Mr. Cheung also emphasized that the source of "going out" is the most fundamental way to describe himself as "a part of" supporting the plastics. "I regularly remind myself, my family and colleagues to reduce the use of disposable plastic tableware and bring their own shopping bags during shopping, calling on all layers of the population to work together and to run to & # 39; walk away & leave & # 39 ;.

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