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This week's new focus is on the upcoming debut projects, including Xindi (00016) Changsha Bay Nanchang Station Captain Project Huiyi II and Lixin Development (00488) and the development of the URA of Tsuen Wan Yip, the developer Open immediately the price to collect the ticket.

Cheung Sha Wan Exchange II has launched pricelist No. 5. To connect with the sale, the existing building has been opened for potential buyers. The ticket collection started yesterday. The developer emphasized that the sale is dependent on the response.

The developer expects that when the sale will be divided into two groups, the Group A (large buyer) and the Group B (divided), there will also be a possibility to add the S group to large area of ​​1000 square feet or more. Buyers have special pick arrangements.

The units are mainly divided into blocks 5A and 5B, which cover open units with 1, 2 and 4 bedrooms.The unit has a usable area of ​​269 to 1254 square meters, a total of 119 groups, with a price of 7,849 million to 42.281 million yuan. The price is 29.866 yuan.

Developers offer a 20% discount on the highest real estate prices and a unit with an open end to 2 bedrooms, each with an additional cash discount of $ 42,800 to $ 94.88 million. After deducting the highest discount and cash discount, the average price is 23 748 yuan.

The most flat price unit is room 5B, 6th floor, block F, with a practical area of ​​269 square meters, the price is 7.849 million yuan, the admission price is 6.2364 million yuan and the price is 23.184 yuan.

Huiyi II is located at number 28, Sham Mong Road, and offers 1,188 gangs with a usable area of ​​269 to 1509 square meters and is expected to enter the company at the end of June 2019.

Tsuen Wan Yi Yu announced the first price list, involving 50 groups, including 32 open and 18 one-bedroom units, priced at 66,100,000 to 10,813 million yuan, and the price from 23,114 to 28,013 yuan. The developer offers a maximum discount of 8%, with a reduced price of 608.17 million to 9.948 million and a reduced price of 21.265 to 25.772 yuan.

The entrance unit is the D-room on the 3rd floor, the practical area is 286 square meters, the admission price is 608.17 million yuan and the price is 21265 yuan. The average price of the project was 23,386 yuan.

Yiyi supplied a total of 144 groups, with a practical surface of 264 to 386 square meters, mainly open and with a bedroom.

As far as the first sale of the new one is concerned, there are only three projects on Sunday involving 56 people, including the new PARK YOHO Milano park has launched 30 squadrons, as far as the Yuen Long Village House is concerned, as well the same time. We sold 8 people.

In addition, Chevalier International (00025), Baosheng Group and the Urban Renewal Authority developed a one-store project in To Kwa Wan, which was pushed by 18 people yesterday. The average price was 23,487 yuan, which was released on Sunday. The assembly point is located at No. 8 Kowloon City Road, 44 Zhejiang Street and No. 6 Kowloon City Road.

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