Pass the chicken game completely off the shelf Tencent: purely a rumor – News website

The chicken game from the mainland of China Net Tencent (00700) will be completely removed, Tencent replied that the news is purely a rumor.

According to internal media reports, Tencent & # 39; s "Jesus Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield" and "Jesus Survival: All the Forces Attack" are two online chicken games. It is a foregone conclusion that the version will be won and will be ordered to be completely removed in the future. . Tencent has secretly developed other chicken games, but it is impossible to transfer large users to new games, or it means TenCent's growth of the game company next year is hopeless.

Tencent told the media on the mainland that the news was a rumor.

Tencent's chess game "Day of Texas" was announced last week and the game server was closed at 10.00 on April 25 and the data was erased.

The mainland has previously the Integrated Prevention and Control of Children and Adolescents Myopia Implementation Plan & # 39; announced that it will implement the total regulation of online games and limit the number of online operations of new games.

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